Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Reasons why Evobinary is a SCAM
The most frequently asked question of all investors beginning to invest in hyips is how long would such project last? Otherwise speaking, when would SCAM happen.
To tell the truth, no one knows that, even administrators and creators of such projects unless their initial aim is to earn quick money and vanish. These are factors difficult to be predicted: how will investors perceive a project, what is money inflow and for how long would this inflow last. But there are some signs which point that scam is going to happen. In case of Evobinary there were enough sings.   
In investment field scam is a situation when hyip stops performing its liabilities to investors, stops paying money.
General situations when investment project may be regarded as scammed:
●   Not all participants are paid, only some people with large structures selectively so  that they would be able to invite more.
●     Payment plan is not followed.
●     Only small amounts of money are paid.
●     Regulations complicating money withdrawal are introduced.
Almost everything related with Evobinary has been discussed on the Internet. Someone didn`t receive payments, someone stopped receiving replies from project support.
Too frequent “technical issues” are believed to be one of pre-conditions of scam, usually they say these issues are caused by ddos-attacks or other tricks of the opponents.
In fact reason for “technical error” may be the problem related with hyip development and payments. And reasons may be various.
For instance, banks and official payment systems have a right to block accounts which they find suspicious. Hyip administrators` accounts are excellent examples because their accounts appear in tens or even hundreds of transfers every day. Blocking of accounts especially in case if a project works only with one bank means scam in most cases. Unblocking would take many days and so far project founder would have nothing to pay. Let`s remember how huge payment network Liberty Reserve scammed in 2013 and after that hyips working with this electronic payment system fell apart one by one.
Evo binary (Evobinary.com) decided to act in the same way as once cheaters from Mmsys and Mill Trade did – they ran payments through credit cards using fake firms (shops, companies) and these of course are not investments anymore but purchases of some “fake products” and cheating of credit company (masscoding) intended to get money from investors and bear no responsibility for charge back procedures.
When attempting to refill a balance through credit card – financial pyramid Evo binary redirects to paysmobile.com. If you dig deeper you would find out that paysmobile.com  service is another service of G-card.eu. While making payment in this “service” users provide their credit card information with no protection or coding, with no guarantees or conditions. Typical one-day service.
Maybe this is a reason of payment related problems in Evobinary?
Also there were other “signals” except payment delays in Evobinary.
If previously customer support replied quickly, recently it replied with delays or wouldn`t reply at all. Verification was added during work and it prevents money withdrawal. It is made in order to cut off investors who don`t want to show their information, in order to save some time and pay less. After passing verification you needed to withdraw as soon as you could, but unfortunately not everyone managed to do that.
Some are still lucky and they receive some payments but most are trying to contact Evobinary, gather together in groups of victims in social networks. So far we`ve counted more than five similar groups. Unfortunately in practice it would unlikely help anyone or warn the others.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

How do the financial pyramids break down? As exemplified by Evobinary

TelexFree, Talkfusion, Univerteam, BBOM. All these companies came into the market primarily with the purpose to drain as much money from people as possible. Some of them presented as great companies and start-ups. As a result 90-95% have lost their funds. Nobody returned the funds from BBOM. Now everybody waits for Evobinary scam. For those who are out of touch the scam are  hyips which do not pay.

Short algorithm and scheme of similar pyramids:

1) Purchase and attraction of “mlm leaders” and other persons from different countries.

2) Promises, plans for the future, company’s presentation of useless product, service, some other legend, opening and official start.  

3) Cash withdrawal, various video records of how does a company pay and what are the opportunities.   Records are made with persons from clause 1.

4) Development of pyramid, new registrations, webinars, seminars, starting of cash withdrawal to all the partners of pyramid.

On this stage, money can be deposited using cards. Cash withdrawal must function consistently to attract more people. “The great news” is often announced, somewhat like introducing payment in bitcoins.

5) Depending on marketing and inflow of new members and plans of hyip management, the problems with payments, arrears, verifications and other “temporary” problems begin to appear.   Usually money deposits through cards is disabled. They say it is temporally. Evobinary is now on this stage.

6) SCAM of project, no payments and thousands of victims. Maybe more.

Sometimes hyip can hold when after problems with payments the great news is announced, for example, conference in luxury hotel, cruise and other scams.

Now let`s consider all this using example of Evobinary.

Evo Binary`s  concept of idea transforming into real results, is a company which provides development and leasing of special software for financial market. Evo Binary developed innovative instruments for work on currency market thanks to its know-how.

Investment packages:

STARTER = 50 euro (enables to get into binar and receive commission fee only)
PARTNER = 500 euro (300 euro are invested and 200 euro to the net)
PROFESSIONAL = 1500 euro (1000 euro are invested and 500 euro to the net)
MASTER = 3000 euro  (2000 euro are invested and 1000 euro to the net)
VIP = 9000 euro (6000 euro are invested and 3000 euro to the net)

Payment systems:
VISA/MC / American Express / Neteller / 2pay4you / Skrill /

I suppose I should stop here. That's a lot of bull. Now the facts. How much does Evo Binary pyramid, hyip or another Ponzi scheme, scam and false pretenses cost?

First, the announced profitability. These are unreal amounts.  Trading on exchanges, doing own business and being knowledgeable in economics a little - the annual income of 208% IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Secondly, who is the broker and where are all the licenses for trading and data on company’s traders. These data are absent.

Thirdly, reports on trade and announced profitability checking.
Official register with a record of the company in relevant authority.

It is understood nobody will give a clear response. They will show a copy of document confirming company`s registration in offshore zone and some pseudo-places of trade on forex as maximum.  (But there is no even this!)

This is first-time rating and it has already shown that Evobinary will follow Univerteam and other Brazilian, Portuguese hyips.

Contact details include only feedback form and regular offshore address:

Nonsense is shown regarding Allex:

Now, I hope there is no need to tell why Evobinary scam is a reality?

Be careful of such companies.